Michael Vax on Spryker's technical development and new features - DIGITALKAUFMANN
 in Digital Confession Drive, Dmexco 2018

How did Spryker develop within the last 18 months? In this Digital Confession Drive Michael Vax, VP Product Spryker, talks about the different developmental processes of new features and the exact difference between a Poduct Owner and a CTO. 

  • What does Michael Vax like about Spryker and what was his reason for joining? (from 1:00)
  • Michael Vax’ impression of Spryker’s development in the last  12 – 18 months (from 3:50)
  • What is the exact difference between a Poduct Owner and a CTO? (from 5:50)
  • What were Michael Vax’ goals when he joined the Spryker team? (from 8:40)
  • What is the developmental process behind new features? (from 13:20)

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