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B2BEarlier this summer I faced Deutsche Bahn and a delayed train + no internet + no phone connection while traveling to Berlin to attend the Uber B2B conference. Great to see how many start-ups are looking to go beyond the classical B2C mass market and to clearly focus their business model on B2B products and services. It was quite an eye opener that during the opening speech the organizer actually felt the need to stress that start-ups should be looking for B2B ideas. Even in over-hyped Berlin it should occur to founders to look beyond the often over reported B2C ideas and focus on the sector where the real money is – B2B continues to be a much better sector to start a business. Ticket sizes will in general be much higher and marketing  – especially in a B2B niche – is not reliant on ever more competitive online marketing tools. Keep thinking B2B and look for new opportunities here!

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