Februar 2013

Februar is launch month for eTribes

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So many new projects I thought I share them here as well. We have diligently planned for quite a while not to bring our new initiatives online. Here a quick overview what has been launched this month (and it is only the beginning of the month) and what else you can be excited about up as the „short“ February month continues:

Here it is:

Netshops Commerce relaunched their website!

Localgourmet stands for meat for all and all for meat (fresh and delicious!) Localgourmet

PreziDay Europe is upon us! Check it out!

Competence Center for Digital Analytics now offering the first classes!

Last and definitely not least:

eTribes has launched a new offering together with an updated web presence.

Still to come:

launchwerk GmbH’s new web presence

Developer Conference Hamburg 2013 sneak preview

Netshops first appearance during CEBIT 2013 in Hannover, Germany!

… and lots more!




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